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"On The Road"

When hitting the trail searching for antique adventures, there are some criteria I insist on for my own pleasure and comfort. After all, we want to enjoy the journey as much as the destination and too much work is, well… let’s say I want a total experience.

Is the place easy to get to? Climbing the Himalayas in search of a 1890’s smoking jacket doesn’t seem worth the effort.

  • Is the trip enjoyable or only nice once you get there after fighting bugs and vicious furry swamp animals?
  • Are there good eats? Hey, we all have to have lunch.
  • What other venues are around to add to the trip. Antiquing is fun but I like to do other things as long as I'm there.

I've been super lucky to find a great place that really matches all these elements of fun travel. (Ok, there were a few bugs but they were really small and not that intrusive)

When visiting the wonderful city of San Diego, you can easily visit the antique shops and fun spots of Solana Beach. For about $9 you can take the train up the coast (you can drive if you insist but the train is fun – when was the last time you took a short train ride?) and get off in Solana Beach. A short walk takes you to the “Cedros Design District.”

It’s a fun street of shops for your home and garden, cafés, bookstores, galleries and more. I like it when you can wander from store to store without having to get back in the car, fasten the seat belt, drive a block, get out, lock up and start all over again. Plus you get to spend more money so much quicker when things are clumped.

This hidden treasure of goodies has been around a long time and I'm sure you’ll enjoy as much as I do. I try to get there every trip or two to the coast as things are always changing. You can even hit the Belly Up Tavern for some old time rock and roll although this cat likes a quieter venue for his chow down and listening.

This trip, I was in need of a clock for my patio (got to know how long to cook the fish) so I thought if I find one I'm in luck – and… I was in luck ‘cause at the Leaping Lotus I found it. An English looking, two sided clock that fit my needs. I can see it from the grill and also from the table. How convenient it is. :-)

The cost was right, the people friendly and this type of shopping – an antique mall with over 100 dealers – makes for great selections. They shipped it to my humble home and I now I can see the time no matter where i am reclining on my outdoor oasis. (sans palm trees)

It’s not a rarity that antique people are friendly and helpful. I think they love their jobs more than just about any other profession. All the people on Cedros fit this. From Solo (with great furnishings) and David Alan Collection, to the fine art of Trios and Susan Street Gallery and the regular shows and receptions (I love a free glass of wine) at Galerie D'Art International. Antiques, great art, soft fluffy furniture, yummy eats.... WOW i'm in tabby heaven.

Which brings up a good point: Areas like this one have a variety of fun finds. A terrific mix of fine art, antique treasures from the past, good eats and surprises at every turn. Look for these areas when you're out and about. What a way to spend a few hours. Is there a better way to spend 3 or 4 hours? I think not!

Of course, in keeping with my criteria # 3 – a short walk across the street takes you to my favorite breakfast place in the area – the Beach Grass Café. Yum yum yum! Wow – the teas, the fresh muffins and if you can finish off one of their omelets with the apple smoked bacon (i love the one with crab - a real kitty delight) you’re a better feline than I am. A great garden setting outside and the people are the best. Note to self: always combine this spot with my future Cedros antique adventures.

So plop down 9 bucks, hop that train and visit the Cedros District and don’t forget breakfast or lunch at Beach Grass Cafe. I would almost guarantee you’ll find something you can’t live without.

Well… the clock says 12:31, it's still light out so – must be time for lunch and then I’m out of here and on the hunt for another antique adventure. ENJOY and…

Mo Lata….. Harry

PS - Many have asked who this traveling creature is. Where does he get his proverbial "reclined" inspirations. I don't claim any special insight other than I look at things they way you would - for fun and adventure. I can only say that my identity is known only to me (usually) and that keeps the mystery alive when i travel around seeking the best to give you the inside scoop. Got a favorite place you want me to check out? send me a ticket. :-D

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Harrington is a free spirit - a freelancer - a furry lone voice in the traveling antique loving community who writes exclusively for AZ Antiques.

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