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Estate Sales Done Right!

Estate sales are something that can represent a positive or sometimes an emotional time in a seller’s life. They represent the liquidation of items that can bring a nice financial windfall or be entangled in an emotional family loss. In planning for the sale of special family items, some considerations are important to make sure you’re fairly represented and professionally treated with experience and sensitivity.

As an example, during the summer of 2001, a local company, already having extensive experience in the antique industry and appraising estate antiques for a local auction house, re-invented a business concept that is changing the way people look at the term “estate sale.” With an ever-growing city, over-flowing retirement communities, and an always changing real estate market, the need for a knowledgeable and reliable personal property service was becoming very evident. The two most frequently asked questions are “what are my things worth” and “how can I sell all my personal property and antiques?” Most services might over-look or not have the necessary buyers to help obtain that value. Helping people answer these questions and taking care of all the personal property needs of each estate, is the exact reason a quality firm with estate experience is important.

A superior company will come and evaluate your estate situation and walk the family/executor thru the options available to best serve the needs of the estate. If a verbal or formal written appraisal is necessary, the firm’s representative (who should be a Graduate Personal Property Appraiser (GPPA), should provide either an “insurance-replacement cost” or a “fair market value” appraisal. If a sale of the contents or partial contents is needed, the “private appointment sale” method has developed into one of the most effective means of helping people/estates take care of everything from regular household goods to their expensive and “fine” antiques. “The public (tag) sale” method is a more widely used method by most estate services, but should only be used with the right combination of the estate’s location, as well as the amount and type of estate contents. “The estate auction” method can be a very beneficial means of sale, especially if the estate has a large collection of fine antiques, art, and/or collectibles.

A quality firm who is experienced with estate sales should also be able to handle and sell specified, quality consignments offsite, fine antiques, silver, porcelain, fine art, sculptures, and many other pieces or collections. The word to all antique dealers across Arizona is that you can buy antique and collectibles through a qualified firm and their estate service. Find a company that is experienced in handling heirloom items of an estate level. Find someone that has been selling dealers, designers, individuals, and others who might have a serious interest in, as an example 17th - early 20th century antiques and decorative arts of all origins, and is easy and knowledgeable to work with.

Many times such sales come at a very emotional time for families but the worries and concerns of personal property matters don’t have to be such a burden, and can be a very exciting process with great results, or just be a reliable and necessary means to help you or your family thru a sometimes over-whelming process.

So look for a company with years of estate and personal property experience. Look for someone who has “contacts” within the antique community and can offer effective quality marketing and auction services ranging from small private sales to larger venues, and someone qualified to offer genuine and realistic personal property and antique appraisal services.

Ask Jim questions:

Jim Friend
President of Fine Estates,
Arizona’s premier estate and personal property service

Jim is a Graduate Personal Property Appraiser (GPPA), a Certified Estate Specialist (CES), a licensed & bonded auctioneer (NAA) specializing in fine antiques, silver, & decorative arts. For questions, reach Jim at (480) 425-9100.

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